We Are The Leaders In This Industry

Creator of varieties of exclusive fabrics with modern designs meeting the needs of designers from different parts of the world

Introducer of velvet, cord merge with modish embroideries and stone works

Fashion designer by Participating in Miss Universe and Miss World beauty pageants

Distributor of high quality Turkish fashionwear and Indo-European wedding apparels Stockist for wide range of American lingerie and easy-wear

Channel Partner of Luxury and medicated German Made sleeping mattresses,

Wholsaler of a premium branded golden parboiled rice with proven nutritional quality hygienic conditionally produced in Thailand

Industrialist in Energy drink field by far moving and more strengthening with a premium brand Superman Energy Drink.

Bhagat Group has an experience of 60 years in seamlessly interweaving in the world of textile and fashion and one of the world prime companies credited with introducing velvet, cord and modish embroideries to rest of the world.

glance a chain of retail division specialized in high quality-wear of Turkish fashion and Indo-European wedding apparels with wide range of American lingerie and easy-wear ; mean to be so called Style for Everyone-.

Bhagat Group is also the sole distributor for fine Swiss watches DELBANA of 85 years old Delma Watch Co. and Mondane M-WATCH, the official watch that times the Swiss Railways.

The recent business diverse in Bhagat Group is recognised as the dealership of ERGOVITAL in full region of Asia, the esteemed German Made brand for Luxury and medicated sleeping mattresses under the eminent German company ERGOMED.

Fab Craft General Trading Co LLC, year 2007 a new division for garments and Fashion desiging announced by Bhagat Group, which conducted various Beauty pageants and evets all over the world.

In 2010 Fab Craft extended their business in Group, Gift & Novelties and Software & Networking industry. “Seven Star” the parboiled rice, a premium branded golden rice with proven nutritional quality and prepared under hygienic conditions and produced in Thailand was the first step in this industry.

Fab Craft under the umbrella of Bhagat Group, further extended its chain of business in FMCG as authorized distributor in UAE and Asia for “Superman Energy Drink” – Approved by DC Comics, Materialised by Warner Bros Co. UK.

“Superman Energy Drink” Pasteurized drink made of whey, product of Austria by German Company CSL Co. LTD, with added vitamins and caffeine. “Superman Energy Drink” was inspired by the original Superhero known around the world for his strength, speed and endurance. From the market analysis and comparative study it underlines that “Superman Energy Drink” is far moving and more strengthening than its competing alternative drinks.


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